Hey guys, it’s been a while since I have posted poetry and I apologize. I am still writing poetry in my journal, but I have been too busy to post it online. This poem, along with several others I am planning to share, I wrote as a writing exercise I created for myself through Instagram. On my stories, I ask people to message me ideas for poems then I challenge myself to write them down and share. It’s not easy. As a perfectionist you want your poetry to be perfect, but if I want to improve I have to learn how to write through writer’s block. As the title says, one of my friends suggested to me to write about nothing. Here it is.

As I walk to the stop light,
I see a man walk off the metro
and I’m half praying he does something outrageous
like grope me,
so I could channel this rage into something physical
my fist meeting flesh,
adrenaline rushing through me,
fight or flight,
a reason to live.

He glances over, looks away,
walks faster ahead of me out of sight.
I am left caught in between the feeling of everything,
and the desire for nothing at all.


The Roads We Have Taken

two paths diverged from a road
you took oneΒ and I, the other
when we look back at the roads we traveled
both of us will be sorry for what we had
But I will be the sorrierΒ for not being the friend you wished you had

two paths diverged from a road
I had to find my own way
because you had already been long gone
when my eyes opened to see it was only a ghost of you that I had been loving all along

two paths diverged from a road
I left you unwillingly while you gaily alighted away
and it cleaved my heart in two to see we no longer had common ground

two paths diverged from a road
I hope it has made me braver in choosing my own

a response to Robert Frost’sΒ The Road Not Taken