thoughts from a girl who’s never been kissed.

I think the title of this post explains the premise of this post pretty well. I never kissed, never held hands, never done anything remotely romantic. I think that is mainly because I scare away everyone, and also because I’m a low maintenance type of person. I wouldn’t say I’m ugly, but I wouldn’t say I am beautiful because that would be an inaccurate representation of my self. There are days where I will wake up in the morning for school (like today) where I realize lamentably that I have again, forgotten to brush my hair. NO WORRIES! I used the magic power of finger brushing! I’m Asian, my hair is straight so it’s easy :D. But yeah, the closest I have ever even gotten close to anything even looking suspiciously romantic was getting someone’s number, and it was because I lent them a book as an excuse to keep in touch. That’s how I roll. 😉 Another reason I have never date is for religious reasons, I’m a Christian and I definitely think there are A LOT of benefits of not having premarital sex! Also, high school relationships are messy, and I’m not a huge fan of them…

But… (oh yes there’s a but…)

I’ve been thinking recently about how I want to be a writer/poet/english major. I really believe that in order to be a good creative writer, you need to have experienced life. The more that a writer experiences, the more that he/she has the ability to relate to his/her audience. Everyone talks or reads about summer flings while I just stand in a corner by myself just smiling because I have no experience. And I don’t know how I am supposed to relate to the 99% of the world that has more experience than me in relationships. I have to operate in the tiny 1% that makes up me, myself, and I. Maybe this long rant is just because I’m looking for an excuse to confess to the person I liked I mentioned above. It’s so hard because I really like this person, but I have so much religious guilt over whether my desires are holy. It’s obviously not holy, but I am sometimes crazy for this person, and desperately want them to like me.

Or… (oh yes this goes on…)

Or maybe, one day, I’ll be grateful to my high school prudent self in 10 or so years when I find the right person and when I feel like God has defined the parameters that which he wants me to be in concerning a relationship.

Either way… I’m just ranting and procrastinating. I have so much work to do. I just really needed to get this off my chest because I never talk about my crushes with friends or family. I keep it on the down low and there’s a reason why. Maybe more on that later.

Baiii, I hope you can relate if you are in the 1% ❤





Hello! As you all know, I have been writing A LOT of poetry lately. I am pleased to announce that tomorrow I will be attending my first ever poetry class at Get Lit. For those of you who don’t know, it’s this amazing program for students that empower them through teaching poetry. I am really nervous but extremely stoked. A lot of the poets who have gone through this program have become nationwide famous. Just so you know, classes are from 10-2 on Saturdays in downtown la. I am also worried whether the class will be in session or not. Last time I went though was Christmas day… which probably explains why it was closed… Anyways, I hope tomorrow is a success! This weekend is the end of finals, I am going to a poetry class, I just watched Paper Towns, (it was so sad but amazing) and my teacher added extra credit so I have a 89.1% in AP Lang. I’m praying so hard that my essay will bring up that grade to an A. I am having a bomb weekend so far and I hope you do too!

P.S. I just updated my profile pic for my bio! It’s me reading! Which is me, every other time you look at me… hehe it was part of an assignment for digital photography! Enjoy!

a little intro.

hi, so maybe you have noticed i have changed up my style a bit on this website. it used to be a lot more visual when i was taking more photos and also when i was writing book reviews. obviously, that has all changed. i am writing mostly poetry on here. so i think not a lot of you know who i am or just started following so i would like to talk about myself a bit.

ok, so my name is jireh, i am a junior in high school, i am involved with numerous school activities and i am super passionate about writing poetry and reading books. i am also super passionate about political issues, but let’s just keep this a safe zone and keep all the contention between conservatives and liberals outside of this bubble. anyways, (as you notice i get off topic a bit) most of my ideas on writing is from personal experiences. writing is a bit like therapy for me to sort of release my emotions and to try to understand the world around me. i write mostly for myself, but it does make me happy when i see that people are liking my poems 😀 it means a lot to have my work appreciated. but what i would love even more are personal comments from you all about my poems. i would really really love to see what you guys feel about my writing and what are your favorite poets and poems. speaking of which, i love sarah kay, phil kaye, and rupi kaur. if you haven’t you NEED to read milk and honey. it is amazingggg. i don’t know how to describe my love for this book. it just ughhh fills my life. it fills up a hole in my heart i didn’t even realize i needed filling up. so yeah. i love it when you guys like and comment so please doing so. i love talking to people online since i am always procrastinating. see ya next poem! ❤

p.s. i love emojis so please beware of emojis coming your way next personal blog post. 😉 (see i did it again -_- )

Surprises in the Everyday

Hi guys! SO I found out my friend is basically an internet celebrity :0 yeah. You don’t realize THAT every day. She has 800,000 followers on tumblr. #goals. And the other day I saw a girl dancing to some music and everybody was staring because they thought she was weird. But there was something so novel and beautiful about her movement. So there are surprises every day and I should be coming up with a poem soon. It’s a good theme. Surprises in the Everyday.

My 16th Birthday! (and a TBR list and a new bookshelf)

Hey guys so recently it was my 16th birthday (yippee :D) it was pretty rad and some other stuff happened which was super cool!

For my birthday, I ate dinner with a close friend and my family! I am a very simple person so nothing super special for my birthday just lots of takeout food! Yum! I had sushi, pastries, cider, salad. California rolls and LOTS OF LOTS OF DUMPLINGS!


My sister bought me balloons for my birthday along with Red Rising by Pierce Brown! ❤ My sister is beautiful and very sweet and caring.


If y’all follow me on my Instagram @bookish_blogger you can see I just got a new old bookshelf! New because it’s new to my room but old because it’s been in our house for awhile! How do you guys like this look? I definitely LOVE this! It really helps my books stand out more on a white bookshelf and it works well for bookstagram photos!


End of the Year Dilemma is that there are too many books at our library that I haven’t read yet and I have to return all my books in just TWO WEEKS! So below are the books that I want to read before the school year ends!

photo (1)

One a side note, I just went to a book fair today at Pasadena High School so a new post about it will be up soon! It was cool I met Julie Berry and also Pseudonymous Bosch. :DD anddd I got a bunch of books recently that I will be showing you guys! Sorry that this post came so late! I love you all!!!


I finished all of my homework at school so I am gonna catch some ZZZ’s. I will be posting soon about my new old bookshelf and my end of the year dilema. See you guys soon 😉❤️❤️❤️ 💤💤💤💤

{A Bookish Excursion} The Last Book Store

Last weekend was pretty awesome, I got to visit The Last Book Store in Downtown LA. I wasn’t sure what to expect besides a ton of good reviews on Yelp so I thought why not? Below are my thoughts on this place also a slideshow highlighting some cool stuff that I saw there.

I really loved this bookstore. Now I love all bookstores but this place is pretty wacky. It was more than just a bookstore because there were curios and art all over this place!

Once you walk in its like BOOM. There is so much to see. Books are crammed into every nook and cranny, pointed but funny warning signs glare at you from atop bookshelves, a weird wooly mammoth head stares at you from the second story (couldn’t get a picture because it was too dark), and the whole place like my brother points out is just “HUGE”. The random things around this shop complement the books in this shop, in a way representing the variety of books they have. Like each little knickknack is pulled straight out of a book.

Some people complained that this store makes it hard to find books because they don’t have their books cataloged online. I can see how that can be a problem for some people but books are not too difficult to find because everything is organized by genre. But this type of organization fits this shop. Readers are here to explore genres that they like, maybe find a book and stare at the baubles hanging everywhere. This is a place to meander and wander around one where you can get lost amongst the shelves. If you are looking for a specific book fast. No. Please just order from Amazon or B&N. (Link is there for you) They might even send your books via drones. No, I am serious. If you are complaining about disorganization then you should just leave because you are missing the whole point of this bookstore.

The people here are pretty cool. They are mostly adults. White people actually. Sorry, I have to be blunt, it’s a little weird cuz I am a tiny 15-year-old Chinese girl staring up at 6ft tall people and bookshelves. I felt short.

XD, I digress.

I found it just a little sad that I was one of the few teenagers exploring this place. Because this place IS THE BOMB. Maybe not enough teenagers know about this place. Well, also I would rather think that people don’t know this place than to consider that I might be too old for my age. 😥

What also really cool is that they have an event each night on a stage that is in the center of the ground floor. It just turns out that Kemper Donovan was introducing his book that night, The Decent Proposal. I was very starstruck, excited and then very stupid because even though I bought a book and got him to sign it, I didn’t think to interview him for this blog. *smack head for the umpteenth time* So if you are planning to go there in the evening check out their website for an evening schedule to be PREPARED!

I regret that I didn’t get to explore much of the second story. It’s definitely a different feel than the ground floor. It’s quiet for one thing, besides the occasional car from the traffic outside, and there is art on display from local painters. (I didn’t take pictures because I am cool and I respect the rules) The second floor is for the people who want to break away from the noise below and explore a sort of gallery with books and art.

So do I recommend this place YES! There is so much to look at here and it really exudes a feeling of hominess for bookish worms. You probably will get lost in the maze of books here so plan for a few hours for your visit. I really hope that I can visit this place again so I can see more of the second level. My sister, “Didn’t you like it? Can we go again?!”

BTW, people who are worried about books being too expensive, I found a book for four dollars there. It was the first book in the Ruby Redfort series which by the way is an awesome detective series for girls who liked Nancy Drew or Sammy Keyes. My sister LOVES it. Hehe, I bought it for her. She now believes me when I recommend books to her. (Now I’m thinking I need to do a detective book post) Now granted you won’t find a plethora books for a low price but try looking around and you might get lucky like me. And btw I need to state that it isn’t a bookstore’s fault that they have to sell books at a certain price, they need to make enough profit so that they can stay alive. France protects bookstores by making sure that online booksellers (ex: Amazon) cannot sell ridiculously low prices. This makes sure that their bookstores are healthy. (I need a post to rant about this)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I took some photos of some of the things I saw but there was art that we were not allowed to photograph. That is actually one of my pet peeves. People who take pictures when they are not supposed too. RESPECT THE ART PEOPLE!

And ty to all you nice people who were ok with me being geeky and taking photos all over the place.


Because of AP testing the library is closed for two whole weeks. 😒 

I am not a happy reader. I’m like a druggie with no drugs. A cat with no mouse. A pitcher with no ball. A swimmer with no googles. A runner with no shoes. 

Random fun fact: I run without shoes on, it’s better for your feet and makes sure you strike the floor ball first instead of heel first. And also I do this because I’m too lazy to bring running shoes to school to run after swim. Don’t be alarmed I have developed calluses on my feet.

I wish I was warned in advance that the library was going to quarantined so that I could have checked out a bunch of books before I got kicked out from my home. They have signs and posters in a 10 foot radius around the library like someone has leprosy or Ebola. But I mean if you could catch AP testing from being near the library I can see why all the precautions.

For now I am reading the The Decent Proposal by Kemper Donovan but once that is over I am dead. My birthday is coming up soon so my brother bought the 3rd book in the Red Rising series but he won’t let me read it because it’s not my birthday yet! *sigh* It is going to be a long 2 weeks.

On a happier note, The Decent Proposal is a pretty awesome book and I am really enjoying so far despite the low reviews on Goodreads. YOU L.A. HATERS (referencing the book) Truth be told I  rarely buy books. You will also be horrified to know that I eat while I read, so right now I have happy finger grease marks on my book :))  

So have you guys ever been kicked out of your bookish home? What are your current reads right now?

P.S. Mrs. Wang if you are reading this can you sneak me into the library to grab some books? 😦

Books That are Totally Better than John Green


Okay so everybody loves John Green. However, I find his books less than appealing and more unrealistic than romantic. There are simply better romance novels out there that are more interesting. I have been unable to finish a book by John Green except for the Fault in Our Stars. (because honestly who hasn’t read it?) An Abundance of Katherines was very weird, did the main character have a problem with people not named Katherine? NAME DISCRIMINATION MUCH? Paper Towns was ridiculous. This guy spends 90% of the book searching for a girl that he doesn’t know very well and doesn’t seem like she wants to be found. So much for true love. Looking for Alaska is a misleading title because the main characters aren’t really looking for Alaska (look north guys). And at the end of the novel, the characters seem to be in a deeper hole than the pits they were already in at the beginning. The Fault in Our Stars was okay??? And it was so obvious that CERTAIN things were going to happen not just because of spoilers, but because of how cliché and predictable John Green’s story was. Did I mention this book is over quoted on the internet? Not to mention the stupid black and white cloud stuff everywhere on facebook and on people’s t-shirts.

Here are some other suggestions to fill your romantic book life: (in no order)

  • The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh
    • Wow, I’m such a sap for this romance. Ahdieh’s beautiful writing style combined with all around amazing complex characters create a tantalizing romance that excites every moment in this Arabian world. What if desire and love overcome your will for revenge?



  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
    • Okay, this is one of my favorite romance novels. It appeals to a lot of readers because it is so relatable, especially to girls who experience the heartaches of growing up in teenage years. If you are a girl you understand the pain felt when your crush rejects you or seeks attention in another girl. The main character, Lara Jean, writes letters to the boys she used to like. All of them are unsent, until one day all her letters have been mailed to her crushes. Awwwwkkkward. And of course cute and totally romantic. Lots of drama.


  • The Selection Series by Kiera Cass
    • I absolutely loved this series, Kiera created a unique and individual world for her readers to experience. A Prince has to choose a wife for himself out of a group of girls selected from the kingdom. America is one of those girls, but she doesn’t want to be in the Selection, a mistake she thinks. Suddenly she isn’t so sure, the life she had imagined and what she wishes for and needs all don’t align anymore. 2 boys, a prince, and a childhood sweetheart. She has to choose to win or to lose.


  • Rainbow Rowell
    • I love Rainbow’s novels, especially Eleanor and Park and Fangirl. She writes differently than some authors by relying on the reader to imagine the surroundings of the characters while focusing more on her characters’ thoughts and emotions. This makes her novels very emotional and relatable. Her novels made me feel alive. (then I died at some parts and cried a lot)


  • Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
    • I was obsessed with this book for awhile, and I still am a little with what this series could have been. (IT HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!) Garcia and Stohl created a romance that was amazing on so many levels. The characters were freaking amazing. There was a sense of forbidden romance. And of course, fate was messing around with the characters a lot. The supernatural! But please only read the first book. I read the rest of the series and the entire series fell so off track I needed to double check to make sure that those books were part of the 1st. But the 1st is amazing, do read it.

So what do you guys think? Did I miss any good romance novels? There are some others but they are also in other categories so I didn’t include them. Sorry for being so inactive I have been so busy with school! I am making it an effort to post more often. ❤


Spring Break 2016 (Partly a Weekly Haul)

Hey guys! I’m on my spring break right now which is totally awesomeee! Haha as you can see on that featured photo I have a booked week 😉

I finished An Ember in the Ashes and Six of Crows before this week, which were two AMAZINGG books. If you haven’t read those yet it’s definitely worth your time. I wasn’t a fan of the Grisha trilogy (my review for the first book in that series is here) but Six of Crows BLEW MY MIND. I love Leigh Bardugo. ❤
Haha, I’m too lazy right now to post a review so that’s a little tidbit of what I have just finished reading.

I haven’t done a Weekly Haul in a LONGGG time so this sorta doubles as a random diary entry and a Weekly Haul. Hehe. The books pictured above are what I’m reading this week. See any you guys recognize and love? 😀

Okay, so I really am curious to see what everyone else is also reading, whether you are on spring break or not. I created a book tag on my bookstagram, so if you are interested in sharing, just tag your Instagram photo #springbreakbooks2k16.

K guys so please stay safe in all your novels, don’t geek out too much about fictional characters (which is impossible of course) and continue being awesome. I love you all! *virtual hug* HAVE A GREAT WEEK ❤