essays and great grandmas

My AP Lang Finals for semester one,
we are given 3 essay prompts in 2 hours to model the AP Exam.
and Argument.
Argument Prompt 2016: Develop your position on the value or function of polite speech in a culture or community.
In other words, why do we ask each other, “Hi!, How are you?”
I expanded my essay in three points that I don’t remember anymore.
But what I do remember is this.

In my experience, polite speech, are fillers,
meant to fill the emptiness when you speak to your dying great grandma.

You hide under the semblance of normality
because it is the only way to cope.
So “Hi” is what you say even though she can’t hear you.
“I love you.” even though she is oblivious to your touch.
“Bye.” When you are scared it’s going to be the last time you ever see her.

I am easing myself in the practice of leaving her behind with my pleasantries.
I am making the painful barely bearable,
I’m preparing for the day she is gone forever.

written 1/21/17 



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