I’m On My Way

dreamy_by_baxiaart-daxmbc0I’m on this frostbitten path of life
littered with branches to snare
rocks to trip

I’m searching
to be honest actually aching
to find meaning and joy in this journey of mine

but despite the cold
I see the shadows begin
which can only foretell the sun and it’s warmth

and isn’t it said when faced with an unsurmountable goal
we must not be faint like the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot
what we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly

so when I reach my journey’s end
more shall my pain, blood, and tears make my joy and meaning ever sweeter

these past poems have been from my poetry on allpoetry.com. This is an amazing website to share your poetry. And yes that is Thomas Paine I quoted. ā¤


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