Bodies Stolen

We are all born into thinking the universe is a kind and marvelous place,

Until we are broken,

I remember the day when he broke me

He brushed past the boundaries of my safe place 

Like a thief breaking into a houseHe snuck into my body stealing all that was precious. 

I had laid a welcome mat out, 

I had prepared my home for my first love 

But nothing prepared me for when he came in and 

Left behind destitution and despair on my doorstep

The confusion of being told that I was special and unique by everyone else 

When it did not match the way he manhandled me

To him all I was 

Was a vacant home for him to pleasure himself

With his touch he claimed every part of my body for his own

I cannot look at my own body without seeing his hands 

I cannot love other men without feeling his touch

My body reeks of his sweat and scent.

I am territory he marked for his own

I do not own myself anymore.

This poem is a response to all the stories of sexual assault. I was not sexually assaulted, but this is my way of trying to bring awareness. 


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