when i ask myself why

im writing to run away from him
laying words down like railroad tracks
for the train of my consciousness to race away

im reading to escape him
to a world where he doesn’t exist
where i can be anybody but myself

this is my truth
drinking words like water
consuming paragraphs like bread

these are the things that keep me breathing


if we were honest-g.p.

to all the lonely souls in this world
i wish i could tell you that you are not alone

i see you hiding your torn shredded heart
rejecting sympathy because you don’t want to remember pain

i see you lie through salty tears and bitter smiles
i feel like i’m looking at a mirror when you say through gritted teeth
“i’m ok, i’m fine”

but if you showed others how much you hurt
you’d be surprised at how much others cared

you’d be surprised if you gave your heart to others
that if you were really honest you could truly mend

unless you open your heart to the fear, the pain, to others
you will never know how others understand and love you

no man is an island
what we are, are lights flickering in the night
right now, drowning alone
but together we can shine to drive all our darkness away