Your eyes

when you disagreed when i said you had beautiful eyes
i knew the best way to argue would be in a poem

it’s strange how i have always judged someone by their eyes
just one look, and i would know whether we’d be friends

some people have eyes that are beautiful but somehow cold and still
but you, you have eyes that scream “LOOK AT ME I’M ALIVE”

eyes are the window to one’s soul and when i look into yours, it’s all joy

i was taught how to fear the mornings and night

so when i see your eyes i want to capture them in photo
like a poor man saving his shiny pennies in a jar
like a child captures precious fireflies in the dark of night
like someone dreading tomorrow and aching to capture the last minutes of light in the setting sun

your eyes, you may think are not beautiful
but beauty fades with each new day

what your eyes give is hope, joy
and best of all a youthfulness that will never fade


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