a little intro.

hi, so maybe you have noticed i have changed up my style a bit on this website. it used to be a lot more visual when i was taking more photos and also when i was writing book reviews. obviously, that has all changed. i am writing mostly poetry on here. so i think not a lot of you know who i am or just started following so i would like to talk about myself a bit.

ok, so my name is jireh, i am a junior in high school, i am involved with numerous school activities and i am super passionate about writing poetry and reading books. i am also super passionate about political issues, but let’s just keep this a safe zone and keep all the contention between conservatives and liberals outside of this bubble. anyways, (as you notice i get off topic a bit) most of my ideas on writing is from personal experiences. writing is a bit like therapy for me to sort of release my emotions and to try to understand the world around me. i write mostly for myself, but it does make me happy when i see that people are liking my poems 😀 it means a lot to have my work appreciated. but what i would love even more are personal comments from you all about my poems. i would really really love to see what you guys feel about my writing and what are your favorite poets and poems. speaking of which, i love sarah kay, phil kaye, and rupi kaur. if you haven’t you NEED to read milk and honey. it is amazingggg. i don’t know how to describe my love for this book. it just ughhh fills my life. it fills up a hole in my heart i didn’t even realize i needed filling up. so yeah. i love it when you guys like and comment so please doing so. i love talking to people online since i am always procrastinating. see ya next poem! ❤

p.s. i love emojis so please beware of emojis coming your way next personal blog post. 😉 (see i did it again -_- )


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