a little intro.

hi, so maybe you have noticed i have changed up my style a bit on this website. it used to be a lot more visual when i was taking more photos and also when i was writing book reviews. obviously, that has all changed. i am writing mostly poetry on here. so i think not a lot of you know who i am or just started following so i would like to talk about myself a bit.

ok, so my name is jireh, i am a junior in high school, i am involved with numerous school activities and i am super passionate about writing poetry and reading books. i am also super passionate about political issues, but let’s just keep this a safe zone and keep all the contention between conservatives and liberals outside of this bubble. anyways, (as you notice i get off topic a bit) most of my ideas on writing is from personal experiences. writing is a bit like therapy for me to sort of release my emotions and to try to understand the world around me. i write mostly for myself, but it does make me happy when i see that people are liking my poems 😀 it means a lot to have my work appreciated. but what i would love even more are personal comments from you all about my poems. i would really really love to see what you guys feel about my writing and what are your favorite poets and poems. speaking of which, i love sarah kay, phil kaye, and rupi kaur. if you haven’t you NEED to read milk and honey. it is amazingggg. i don’t know how to describe my love for this book. it just ughhh fills my life. it fills up a hole in my heart i didn’t even realize i needed filling up. so yeah. i love it when you guys like and comment so please doing so. i love talking to people online since i am always procrastinating. see ya next poem! ❤

p.s. i love emojis so please beware of emojis coming your way next personal blog post. 😉 (see i did it again -_- )


songs stolen (part 2)

you stole so many things from me
the most amazing crime was stealing my ability to sing

no, i can still physically sing
but there isn’t passion anymore

i feel physically sick after singing
because my heart isn’t full

everyone know that when i sing
i sing because i am happy

when i try singing when my happiness has flown away,
it is trying to tie down a boat tossing in the waves
trying to fly with weights holding your legs
it is feeling like you are lying to yourself

everybody knows that is the worst

you see, i can’t sing anymore
and it’s all your fault

btw i made a little intro for y’all who are new here so it would mean the world to me if y’all go went to check it out! 

Your eyes

when you disagreed when i said you had beautiful eyes
i knew the best way to argue would be in a poem

it’s strange how i have always judged someone by their eyes
just one look, and i would know whether we’d be friends

some people have eyes that are beautiful but somehow cold and still
but you, you have eyes that scream “LOOK AT ME I’M ALIVE”

eyes are the window to one’s soul and when i look into yours, it’s all joy

i was taught how to fear the mornings and night

so when i see your eyes i want to capture them in photo
like a poor man saving his shiny pennies in a jar
like a child captures precious fireflies in the dark of night
like someone dreading tomorrow and aching to capture the last minutes of light in the setting sun

your eyes, you may think are not beautiful
but beauty fades with each new day

what your eyes give is hope, joy
and best of all a youthfulness that will never fade

Homesick for You

photo (2).JPG

It’s ridiculous how everything I see becomes a metaphor for you
I’m aching for you in a way that can only describe as homesick
Aching like young man thirsting for life
Aching like a scholar for his books, studying by candlelight
Aching like a sailor for a clear night for his Northstar to guide him to shore
Aching like conjoined hearts separated by time, land, and sea
There are too many metaphors so I’ll describe it like this:
Every line I walk is a bridge leading me to you
Every step is one closer to you
I’m always hoping you’re just around the bend

songs stolen

i used to love to sing
there used to be days that could not pass
without a sung word that passed through my lips

but you took away my voice when i needed it most
stole the joy right out of my singing
now the days of carefreeness are long past

yes, i remark like an old woman who has lost her youth
i used to have a beautiful voice
but i don’t sing anymore

-when you joked that you liked yelling at your children

Love Poem #2

i can’t stop thinking about you
the way you brush back your hair and smile

i can’t stop thinking about you
waiting for our class to come by

i can’t stop thinking about you
the way you are so gentle with your words and kind at heart

i can’t stop thinking about you
wondering if you like me the same way

i can’t stop thinking about you
and i don’t see why i should stop



i am selfish for wondering while you were hurting
if someone would save me too

they way that we watch over you
i need to be honest and say im jealous

if i just decided to throw myself over the cliff
i wonder if people would just stare as i walked by them to the edge

friends, family, neighbors
people who wouldn’t notice

right now, each day i feel like im reaching closer to the end
and i want desperately for someone to grab me

to pull me from the edge
believe in me and breathe life into my soul

yet im there

nothing holding me back
no one to even watch me fall

what you taught me

you are the type of parent that teaches a child to confuse hate with love
pain with learning

a bee stung me when i tried to save it from drowning in a pool
you called me stupid instead of compassionate

i rushed into the house holding 4 different things
you lost it because i left the door open while rushing in

i gave a college student $15 for college tuition
you said i was wasting my money

you scream at me and say you are sorry later
that you should have said it “nicer”

but you say things you can’t take away
that i have OCD, that you are praying for me to come back to God

you said while i was struggling to believe,
that God exists otherwise you’d be hitting me

I’m sorry,
don’t say it nicer,

just don’t say it at all