My Heart is Yours to Break

i discovered a little lie,
which turned out not so small.
i should have seen it coming,
but i’m too trusting.
i give out pieces of my heart like candy bars
passed easily into other people’s hungry hands
short lived and gobbled up so easily
but you know what?
it’s ok, my heart is yours to break.
for what is life without trusting, without loving, without hope?
so its ok, lie to me all you want
at the end of each and every single day, i’ll still be here for you
while you spin your fairytale lies
yearning for affection, acclaim or respect
you’ll miss out on how real my love is for you.
because believe it or not,
you, without your stories and adventures, is just fine enough for me.
so i’ll keep saying it, it’s ok, love.
my heart has always been yours to break.

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