Who you are.

I think the journey to self-identity is really hard and this is just a poem that I wrote in the mindset of if I were to talk to my future daughter. (I know I’m only 16, but hey, I’m a deep thinker. 😛 ) It carries a message of female empowerment and one also of hope that when the world hits you hard, “you are stronger than you realize”. ENJOY! (I don’t know anyone else besides my librarian who is seeing these poems, but I love you all!)

Who am I?

Let me tell you who you are
come closer my child and listen carefully

You, are made of pixie dust.

You are brave
You’re a tiny explorer to worlds unknown
No one can or will ever blaze the same trail you make
Or walk in the same steps you took

You are beautiful
Even though you may not think so
Each scar on your body, upon your mind,
A story that speaks in itself, a story that can never be swept away.

Though you are a small boat in a sea of indefinite blue
There is a lifeline of hope strung across your neck
Waves toss but you’re more deeply grounded that you realize
You are never really alone, centuries of past ages whisper to you

You are stronger than titanium
People tell you can’t speak out
That others won’t hear, or maybe you’re too afraid to speak
But here you are existing, each breath a shout of your existence. Defiance with each breathe.

You are a wonder
The fact that you exist in on a planet of 7 billion people
Yet nobody is quite like you
It’s a miracle

Oh yes you are pixie dust
Forged together by the most unique bond between two people
Your being, a mural of inexplicable design
A masterpiece full of the colors of the universe.

Baby, don’t let anyone tell you who you are.
Because you are your own person.
A force born of nature that can’t be stopped
So you’ll say, “Watch out world here I come.”

“You haven’t met the storm that’s me.”


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