{#TBT} Sammy Keyes Series

Hey guys! I just finished Serpent King and it was awesome. A review might be coming but I’m not making any false promises. I will most likely not post this weekend since I will be at a retreat. I hope you guys enjoy this #TBT!


This mystery series is perfect for high school and middle school girls! And it’s for all you Nancy Drew lovers!

I just love the main character Sammy Keyes! She is a really relatable character. While she is solving all these mysteries, she also has problems at home, crushes at school, and all the shenanigans that everybody deals with in high school. All through the obstacles in her way, she manages to keep an upbeat spunky attitude about life and situations in a way that really makes you want to laugh out loud. I mean just look at the titles! Moustache Mary, The Runaway Elf, Power of Justice Jack. Hehee. πŸ˜› Things can get a little creepy in Van Draanen books, (but don’t take my word cuz I’m a scaredy cat) but it creates an interesting environment where you feel scared out of your wits while you are laughing hard enough to burst your little tummy.

There are 18 books so once you fall in love with the series (cause you will) there is plenty to read if you have plenty of time. So this is a great read for this upcoming summer!

If you still don’t believe me ): then check out Van Draanen’s books on Goodreads! Her books average a rating around 4 stars out of five. Impressive. Goodreads can be savage.

I hope you guys enjoy reading these books as much as I did in Middle School. This was my favorite series. πŸ˜€ ❀


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