{A Bookish Excursion} Pasadena High School Book Fair 2016

Hey guys I’m sorry, I know I promised to do this post awhile ago and then I got busy :p BUT I’m here now ❤

So guys back on May 14  I went to a book fair! I was really upset that I didn’t get to go to Julie Berry’s book release party for The Passion of Dolssa so my wonderful mother wanted to make it up to me 😀 ❤ To be honest, I was not expecting much! I was just there based on a recommendation from a friend. BOY WAS I SUPRISED! I met Pseudonymous Bosch (THE REAL DEAL) and I finally got my long coveted photo with JULIE BERRY!!! (BTW go read her books, they are BOMB) Did I mention there were a CRAP TON of FREE BOOKS!!! HOLY MOLY!!! Literally best day ever. I would like to thank my mother who took the afternoon to drive me and my sister there even though she doesn’t like books. So without further ado, here is a mini slide show documenting so parts of the trip 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*My sister hair is a perfect ombre because of swimming and in that photo she looks so photogenic because the wind just blew perfectly for her to fly like a model while my glasses slid and made me look like a noob.

**Absolutely the worst selfie ever taken but it really accurately describes how I felt when I saw the book on my desk: O__O


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