Because of AP testing the library is closed for two whole weeks. πŸ˜’ 

I am not a happy reader. I’m like a druggie with no drugs. A cat with no mouse. A pitcher with no ball. A swimmer with no googles. A runner with no shoes. 

Random fun fact: I run without shoes on, it’s better for your feet and makes sure you strike the floor ball first instead of heel first. And also I do this because I’m too lazy to bring running shoes to school to run after swim. Don’t be alarmed I have developed calluses on my feet.

I wish I was warned in advance that the library was going to quarantined so that I could have checked out a bunch of books before I got kicked out from my home. They have signs and posters in a 10 foot radius around the library like someone has leprosy or Ebola. But I mean if you could catch AP testing from being near the library I can see why all the precautions.

For now I am reading the The Decent Proposal by Kemper Donovan but once that is over I am dead. My birthday is coming up soon so my brother bought the 3rd book in the Red Rising series but he won’t let me read it because it’s not my birthday yet! *sigh* It is going to be a long 2 weeks.

On a happier note, The Decent Proposal is a pretty awesome book and I am really enjoying so far despite the low reviews on Goodreads. YOU L.A. HATERS (referencing the book) Truth be told I  rarely buy books. You will also be horrified to know that I eat while I read, so right now I have happy finger grease marks on my book :))  

So have you guys ever been kicked out of your bookish home? What are your current reads right now?

P.S. Mrs. Wang if you are reading this can you sneak me into the library to grab some books? 😦


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