{A Bookish Excursion} The Last Book Store

Last weekend was pretty awesome, I got to visit The Last Book Store in Downtown LA. I wasn’t sure what to expect besides a ton of good reviews on Yelp so I thought why not? Below are my thoughts on this place also a slideshow highlighting some cool stuff that I saw there.

I really loved this bookstore. Now I love all bookstores but this place is pretty wacky. It was more than just a bookstore because there were curios and art all over this place!

Once you walk in its like BOOM. There is so much to see. Books are crammed into every nook and cranny, pointed but funny warning signs glare at you from atop bookshelves, a weird wooly mammothΒ head stares at you from the second story (couldn’t get a picture because it was too dark), and the whole place like my brother points out is just “HUGE”.Β The random things around this shop complement the books in this shop, in a way representing the variety of books they have. Like each little knickknack is pulled straight out of a book.

Some people complained that this store makes it hard to find books because they don’t have their books cataloged online. I can see how that can be a problem for some people but books are not too difficult to find because everything is organized by genre. But this type of organization fits this shop. Readers are here to explore genres that they like, maybe find a book and stare at the baubles hanging everywhere. This is a place to meander and wander around one where you can get lost amongst the shelves. If you are looking for a specific book fast. No. Please just order from Amazon or B&N. (Link is there for you) They might even send your books via drones. No, I am serious. If you are complaining about disorganization then you should just leave because you are missing the whole point of this bookstore.

The people here are pretty cool. They are mostly adults. White people actually. Sorry, I have to be blunt, it’s a little weird cuz I am a tiny 15-year-old Chinese girl staring up at 6ft tall people and bookshelves. I felt short.

XD, I digress.

I found it just a little sad that I was one of the few teenagers exploring this place. Because this place IS THE BOMB. Maybe not enough teenagers know about this place. Well, also I would rather think that people don’t know this place than to consider that I might be too old for my age. πŸ˜₯

What also really cool is that they have an event each night on a stage that is in the center of the ground floor. It just turns out that Kemper Donovan was introducing his book that night, The Decent Proposal. I was very starstruck, excited and then very stupid because even though I bought a book and got him to sign it, I didn’t think to interview him for this blog. *smack head for the umpteenth time* So if you are planning to go there in the evening check out their website for an evening schedule to be PREPARED!

I regret that I didn’t get to explore much of the second story. It’s definitely a different feel than the ground floor. It’s quiet for one thing, besides the occasional car from the traffic outside, and there is art on display from local painters. (I didn’t take pictures because I am cool and I respect the rules) The second floor is for the people who want to break away from the noise below and explore a sort of gallery with books and art.

So do I recommend this place YES! There is so much to look at here and it really exudes a feeling of hominess for bookish worms. You probably will get lost in the maze of books here so plan for a few hours for your visit. I really hope that I can visit this place again so I can see more of the second level. My sister, “Didn’t you like it? Can we go again?!”

BTW, people who are worried about books being too expensive, I found a book for four dollars there. It was the first book in the Ruby Redfort series which by the way is an awesome detective series for girls who liked Nancy Drew or Sammy Keyes. My sister LOVES it. Hehe, I bought it for her. She now believes me when I recommend books to her. (Now I’m thinking I need to do a detective book post) Now granted you won’t find a plethora books for a low price but try looking around and you might get lucky like me. And btw I need to state that it isn’t a bookstore’s fault that they have to sell books at a certain price, they need to make enough profit so that they can stay alive. France protects bookstores by making sure that online booksellers (ex: Amazon) cannot sell ridiculously low prices. This makes sure that their bookstores are healthy. (I need a post to rant about this)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I took some photos of some of the things I saw but there was art that we were not allowed to photograph. That is actually one of my pet peeves. People who take pictures when they are not supposed too. RESPECT THE ART PEOPLE!

And ty to all you nice people who were ok with me being geeky and taking photos all over the place.


2 thoughts on “{A Bookish Excursion} The Last Book Store

  1. I love giant books stores! My city has two very large ones, ones is a Barnes & Noble and the other is an independent store called Book People. I cannot decide which one is my favorite. πŸ™‚

    The Last Bookstore also looks amazing. I don’t mind that there isn’t an online catalog at all. I love going to bookstores to explore the shelves, though I understand not everyone is like me and they would like to go in and out of store. I spend hours there at a time. Hah.

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