{#TBT} The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

Hi, guys! I am so sorry, I really have not had time to post a lot, which makes me really sad. School is always a killer on top of that I am preparing for an audition for an orchestra. So I try to practice clarinet an hour every day. (Right now I really should be studying for an Honors Chemistry Test but oh well)


Most people already have read The Selection Series, but please forgive me I need to binge on this more!

I usually read a lot adventure and I am not a big fan of sappy stories. The exception is THIS SERIES!

I really love America. Her character reflects her name. She is willful, stubborn, with a big mouth. (Really sounds like America today right?) I love how Kiera Cass makes her such a relatable character! America isn’t perfect, she makes a lot of mistakes, has plenty of heartaches and struggles, and she likes comfy clothes! (remember when she requested for jeans?) Her mistakes are what make Americaย her.ย She does a lot of stupid stuff like suggesting to eradicate the caste system on national television. All throughout her mistakes she always has the best of intentions and has a strong sense of right and wrong. She reminds me a lot of myself! Sorry, that sounds very narcissistic. :p But it’s true! If I see you bullying someone or just, in general, being an A-hole I am not afraid to tell you off. >:D I am also very opinionated like America and stupid like her sometimes because I don’t know how to shut my mouth.

America and Maxon both struggle with trusting each other and other love interests that catch their attention. In this, America is sometimes really selfish because she gets super jealous of the other girls who hang out with Maxon (dude it’s his responsibility) when she keeps seeing Aspen. (UGH) America and Maxon obviously end up together, but it doesn’t make you any less worried when they are on one of their downs on their roller coaster relationship. This ship is a rocky one kids, be prepared to cry a little and feel like your heart is going to burst. Ok. I will just leave it at that so that I don’t ruin any moments for you if you haven’t read the book. ๐Ÿ˜€

I love the world building in these books, it is a unique and new type of pageantย that Kiera Cass creates. Except this pageant is A LOT more intense. It determines the fate of the kingdom, (ok what is a story without fate???) the winner gets married, it is very political, and lots of broken hearts are involved. I appreciate the fact that Kiera also takes the time to add details to all her characters. There are a lot of girls who are involved with the selection, but the characters with details with you. An example is Celeste, the hot mean girl that is a total girl dog and of course everyone hates on… AT FIRST! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Overall Kiera Cass has created her own brand of novels. Now whenever a similar book comes out (Ex: The Jewel) people keep comparing The Selection as a sort of basis of review. Just like “if you loved the Hunger Games, you will love this too” and that sorta thing.

I am considering buying this series because this is a series that I could just read OVER AND OVER again and still fall in love with everything in these books.ย That is a rare relationship.


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