Books That are Totally Better than John Green


Okay so everybody loves John Green. However, I find his books less than appealing and more unrealistic than romantic. There are simply better romance novels out there that are more interesting. I have been unable to finish a book by John Green except for the Fault in Our Stars. (because honestly who hasn’t read it?) An Abundance of Katherines was very weird, did the main character have a problem with people not named Katherine? NAME DISCRIMINATION MUCH? Paper Towns was ridiculous. This guy spends 90% of the book searching for a girl that he doesn’t know very well and doesn’t seem like she wants to be found. So much for true love. Looking for Alaska is a misleading title because the main characters aren’t really looking for Alaska (look north guys). And at the end of the novel, the characters seem to be in a deeper hole than the pits they were already in at the beginning. The Fault in Our Stars was okay??? And it was so obvious that CERTAIN things were going to happen not just because of spoilers, but because of how cliché and predictable John Green’s story was. Did I mention this book is over quoted on the internet? Not to mention the stupid black and white cloud stuff everywhere on facebook and on people’s t-shirts.

Here are some other suggestions to fill your romantic book life: (in no order)

  • The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh
    • Wow, I’m such a sap for this romance. Ahdieh’s beautiful writing style combined with all around amazing complex characters create a tantalizing romance that excites every moment in this Arabian world. What if desire and love overcome your will for revenge?



  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
    • Okay, this is one of my favorite romance novels. It appeals to a lot of readers because it is so relatable, especially to girls who experience the heartaches of growing up in teenage years. If you are a girl you understand the pain felt when your crush rejects you or seeks attention in another girl. The main character, Lara Jean, writes letters to the boys she used to like. All of them are unsent, until one day all her letters have been mailed to her crushes. Awwwwkkkward. And of course cute and totally romantic. Lots of drama.


  • The Selection Series by Kiera Cass
    • I absolutely loved this series, Kiera created a unique and individual world for her readers to experience. A Prince has to choose a wife for himself out of a group of girls selected from the kingdom. America is one of those girls, but she doesn’t want to be in the Selection, a mistake she thinks. Suddenly she isn’t so sure, the life she had imagined and what she wishes for and needs all don’t align anymore. 2 boys, a prince, and a childhood sweetheart. She has to choose to win or to lose.


  • Rainbow Rowell
    • I love Rainbow’s novels, especially Eleanor and Park and Fangirl. She writes differently than some authors by relying on the reader to imagine the surroundings of the characters while focusing more on her characters’ thoughts and emotions. This makes her novels very emotional and relatable. Her novels made me feel alive. (then I died at some parts and cried a lot)


  • Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl
    • I was obsessed with this book for awhile, and I still am a little with what this series could have been. (IT HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL!!!) Garcia and Stohl created a romance that was amazing on so many levels. The characters were freaking amazing. There was a sense of forbidden romance. And of course, fate was messing around with the characters a lot. The supernatural! But please only read the first book. I read the rest of the series and the entire series fell so off track I needed to double check to make sure that those books were part of the 1st. But the 1st is amazing, do read it.

So what do you guys think? Did I miss any good romance novels? There are some others but they are also in other categories so I didn’t include them. Sorry for being so inactive I have been so busy with school! I am making it an effort to post more often. ❤



{#TBT} The Selection Series by Kiera Cass

Hi, guys! I am so sorry, I really have not had time to post a lot, which makes me really sad. School is always a killer on top of that I am preparing for an audition for an orchestra. So I try to practice clarinet an hour every day. (Right now I really should be studying for an Honors Chemistry Test but oh well)


Most people already have read The Selection Series, but please forgive me I need to binge on this more!

I usually read a lot adventure and I am not a big fan of sappy stories. The exception is THIS SERIES!

I really love America. Her character reflects her name. She is willful, stubborn, with a big mouth. (Really sounds like America today right?) I love how Kiera Cass makes her such a relatable character! America isn’t perfect, she makes a lot of mistakes, has plenty of heartaches and struggles, and she likes comfy clothes! (remember when she requested for jeans?) Her mistakes are what make America her. She does a lot of stupid stuff like suggesting to eradicate the caste system on national television. All throughout her mistakes she always has the best of intentions and has a strong sense of right and wrong. She reminds me a lot of myself! Sorry, that sounds very narcissistic. :p But it’s true! If I see you bullying someone or just, in general, being an A-hole I am not afraid to tell you off. >:D I am also very opinionated like America and stupid like her sometimes because I don’t know how to shut my mouth.

America and Maxon both struggle with trusting each other and other love interests that catch their attention. In this, America is sometimes really selfish because she gets super jealous of the other girls who hang out with Maxon (dude it’s his responsibility) when she keeps seeing Aspen. (UGH) America and Maxon obviously end up together, but it doesn’t make you any less worried when they are on one of their downs on their roller coaster relationship. This ship is a rocky one kids, be prepared to cry a little and feel like your heart is going to burst. Ok. I will just leave it at that so that I don’t ruin any moments for you if you haven’t read the book. 😀

I love the world building in these books, it is a unique and new type of pageant that Kiera Cass creates. Except this pageant is A LOT more intense. It determines the fate of the kingdom, (ok what is a story without fate???) the winner gets married, it is very political, and lots of broken hearts are involved. I appreciate the fact that Kiera also takes the time to add details to all her characters. There are a lot of girls who are involved with the selection, but the characters with details with you. An example is Celeste, the hot mean girl that is a total girl dog and of course everyone hates on… AT FIRST! 😉 Overall Kiera Cass has created her own brand of novels. Now whenever a similar book comes out (Ex: The Jewel) people keep comparing The Selection as a sort of basis of review. Just like “if you loved the Hunger Games, you will love this too” and that sorta thing.

I am considering buying this series because this is a series that I could just read OVER AND OVER again and still fall in love with everything in these books. That is a rare relationship.

{Book Review} Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Hey, guys! I finished this book right before break and so here I am with a review!


-Title: Six of Crows
-Author: Leigh Bardugo
-Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult, Romance
-Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) (September 29, 2015)
-Age Range: 12+
-Pages: 480 pages (Hardcover)
-Buy at: Amazon | Barnes and Noble
  |Book Depository | Google Play | iBooks

Ketterdam is not for the weak heartened, it’s a bustling city full of trade, violence, and criminal activity. Kaz, a hardened teen aged criminal mastermind knows this very well. Kaz learns to hustle it good in Ketterdam, but one day he gets an offer he can’t resist. One that might get him the revenge he has long awaited for. But this is no ordinary heist, Kaz assembles a special team of criminals to break into one of the highest security prison in the world. These criminals might just be in for the big money, but their success of failure also determines the fate of the world.


So I am not ashamed to say that I really disliked The Grisha Series. Ok, maybe a little, because this book completely WOWED me. Like major WOW. Leigh Bardugo writes so well in this novel there is very little left before desired.

Sometimes I read a novel and it’s so hard to get through because all the characters SOUND THE SAME. Bardugo pays attention to detail. She makes sure all her six main characters are very well defined with different backgrounds. Inej is the awesome ninja wraith (SHE IS SO BADASS), Jesper has an unquenchable hunger for gambling and shooting people, Wylan the maybe-not-so-wimpy kid, Nina is a beautiful heartrender, Matthias the proper Fjerdan, and, of course, Kaz, the mastermind, with a mysterious past and an attachment to gloves. And it’s not just the descriptions and backgrounds of these six different characters, it the way they talk too.

“Jesper knocking his head against the hull and cast his eyes heavenward. ‘Fine. But if Pekka Rollins kills us all, I’m going to get Wylan’s ghost to teach my ghost how to play the flute just so that I can annoy the hell out of your ghost.’

Brekker’s lips quirked. ‘I’ll just hire Matthias’ ghost to kick your ghost’s ass.’

‘My ghost won’t associate with your ghost,’ Matthias said primly, and then wondered if the sea air was rotting his brain.”

Ok, I’m binging a lot on the characters ( ❤ ) but I need to go on a little longer… I love how all the characters mix together so well. This book was an interesting character salad that was very delicious 🙂 FOR AN EXAMPLE: I loved the Lunar Chronicles but I felt like the characters outside of their pairings didn’t cross over or interact with each other much. That bothered me. Bardugo tosses this salad just right so that you feel get a “group feeling” in this group.

SPEAKING OF PAIRINGS 😉 (wink wink) I absolutely love how Bardugo paired everyone off. I need to be honest, I was worried for Jesper that he was gonna be the 3rd wheel, but he is cared for too. 😀 My absolutely favorite pairing is Nina and Matthias. *tears and sobs* They are soo cute! They have this hate-love relationship that not only speaks about their past but of 2 nations who have been at war for decades. It’s a unique way for Bardugo to give readers the tantalizing romance they want, but also feed you some deep thoughts. They are so perfect for each other. I would totally post a quote here, but I don’t want to spoil any moments for you guys 🙂 .

Ok so the hype around this book is like crazy, but please don’t be afraid to read it. TRUST ME. I did not trust my librarian, I was very afraid 😦 I was wrong and this is an amazing book. Even if you hated the Grisha series, READ THIS BOOK. When you start reading you will find yourself caught up in a world you never want to leave, rooting for these badass bad guys, and hating the fact that the next book is coming out in September. (CAN I EVEN SURVIVE THAT LONG?!!)

Hey, guys I also wanted to mention that there are a lot of books that I have read and disliked. Is anyone interested in me doing posts about the books I disliked? LOL Sad Saturday Posts? I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post a lot I have been really really busy. I want to thank you all who have been steadfast and faithful to me XOXOXO ❤