{#TBT} The Inheritance Cycle


Back in ye olde days of middle school, I was obsessed with fantasy. I still am but I realized that there were lots of other great books in other genres. A really great series that enjoyed was The Inheritance Cycle. I loved this series on account of many reasons (in no particular order):

  1. It’s a fantasy series (I already explained that)

  2. Christopher Paolini
    It’s not every day you find a fantasy series where the writer began when he was 15 years old. DUDE I WANT TO BE YOU.
  3. Dragons
    What’s not awesome about dragons? I love this novel because it really delves into a lot of physiological and psychological descriptions about dragons. These mystical beings are essential to the story line as much as their riders.
  4. Magic
    The magic in this series is so real. It’s amazing the detail that Paolini puts into his novels, everything about the magic in this series somehow feels very unique. There are languages, limitations, and relationships in magic. In this novel, magic became an intimate part of Paolini’s story.
  5. World Building
    I really want to put emphasis on the detail that Paolini writes with. To others, it might seem a little tedious but for me, I loved that in whatever scene he wrote he described everything for the reader.
  6. Characters
    There is a wide range of characters in this series, you have mysterious people like Angela the Herbalist, and then steady characters and known characters like Roran. In all of Paolini’s novels, none of his characters are idle, he switches between many characters. This has everything to do with world building, there’s a united struggle that is spread all over the country, an impression of a vast world from the numerous of characters he develops. But one thing is always for sure. Characters in Paolini novels never fail to surprise.
  7. Culture
    Alagaësia (the land where this all takes place) is so diverse! You have tribes, creepy religious sects, the elves, the dwarves, and countless languages that he features all throughout his novels. (I bet I’m missing to mention some) At this point can I just say that Paolini is a genius? I don’t even know how he was able to find so much inspiration for his novels. 
    I hate it when you read a book that is so good but isn’t long enough to fill you. Every book in this series has so much that some people hate it! Haha, me I’m just like: “Please keep passing the dessert Chris, I can eat your books all day!” Also, it was kinda funny, in middle school, my friends and I would brag to each other that we could finish just one of the 500-800 pages books in a day. Lolol XD

There’s so much more that I could say about this series that makes me rave! Sometimes it’s just good to take a step back from all the crazy new stuff and go back to some good old fantasy novels just like The Inheritance Series. If you haven’t read this series please do. You will discover a world you never want to leave.

Speaking of leaving Alagaësia, I was forcefully kicked out when book 4 ended. I’m super salty at all the cliff hangers Paolini purposefully left. D:< He says he’s gonna come back to Alagaësia but I have been waiting forever.


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