The Next Two Weeks Are Gonna Be HELL.

Sorry guys I have still been reading a lot, but my posting has significantly dropped the past two weeks. It means a lot to me to post on this blog so I owe you guys an apology. The next two weeks are only going to get worse. I have pit practices for the musical from 5-9pm every day, 2 swim meets the same day as 2 of those pit practices and then the cherry on top is the ACT prep I am doing on weekends. Oh, joy. Did I also mention I am PR on a club and involved in a Clarinet Choir on Tuesdays at a local community college? Holy moly. It’s really not school but my extracurriculars that are killing me right now. It’s the second semester and I am ready for summer. Hopefully, this craziness passes. *cries.



P.S. Do you guys know if it’s ok to use book cover pictures on blogs when you write reviews? I am worried about copyright infringement. Thanks πŸ˜€


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