{#TBT} To Kill a Mockingbird

Hello, hello y’all. Recently Harper Lee died and I felt that this post needed to be dedicated to her. So here I go! And sorry for the inconsistancy of my posts, I have been busy D:


In this celebrated classic published in the 1960’s, Harper Lee narrates the crisis of a trial that shook a small southern town through an innocent young girl’s eyes. This novel is an exploration of human rights, morals, and racism. Iconic of its time and today, it serves as a window into a dark period in America’s history.

I have always hated reading in class discussion books. Ok, come on California people lemme name some reads: Bridge to Terabithia, Where the Red Fern Grows, The Pearl, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. In EVERY single one of these books, somebody dies. These books are super depressing and just not age suitable for elementary and middle school children (in my opinion). The exception: TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (and Night by Elie Wiesel). Why? This novel is a deeply moving piece of literature. If you ask anyone what this book is about, they say racism. But reading this book it became so much more. Racism is a topic, the question really needs to be asked is where out of human nature does racism come from, where and do altruistic characteristic come from? And are people’s views really black or white… or gray? How does a society judge people of different color and mind? Ok novels tell a story. The good ones really get you to think.

However, I felt like Harper Lee painted the black community as complacent and silent about the affairs going around in town. It seemed that the civil rights movement touched everyone but that small town.

This novel is a still controversial today but in my heart, it’s a personal favorite. If you have not read this book its a really good read, a required read- in our school. XD

R.I.P. Harper Lee may your novel forever be celebrated in many classrooms and young minds. ❤


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