Civil Rights, Racism, the Presidential Race 2k16, and Refugees

Hey guys! If you follow me on my Instagram you guys probably know that I am sort of on a civil rights theme with my books this weekend. I normally don’t read a lot of non-fiction, so it is nice to be able to change up a little this weekend.

I am a huge supporter of civil rights. I believe in equal rights for everyone. This ideology may have resulted from my background-I live in a really weird small town in California where it’s all Asians, which is uncommon in many places in America. So anyways, racism is basically unseen at our school and to be honest, more people worry about grades than anything else. (I mean come on we’re Asian XD) I am so grateful that I live in a privileged place where I don’t have to worry about my rights or people making fun of my heritage. However in the past, our city has still faced troubles with civil rights. A nearby race track in Arcadia used to be an internment camp for Japanese Americans during WWII.

Looking at the past and present in my own community, there are so many ways I feel that America has changed and yet not changed at all. People like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are my heroes. He fought for his beliefs non-violently and his voice therefore not only spoke to the whole country, but to the whole world! Now there is Donald Trump who is running for president who is blatantly racists yet he is leading in the polls. I am not quite sure how to end this post, but I put my faith in my fellow Americans and not in presidential candidates.

Speaking of civil rights and presidents it all ties into a big subject of mine on refugees. I just want to say that I find it horrifying that Trump wants to ban Muslims from entering our country because of ISIS. These people have no home or rights and we have the power to help and we should. There is always the fear of bad people hurting us, but that’s just part of living. Being kind and unselfish is never easy or safe. If the war in the Middle East doesn’t end by the time I finish college I am planning to travel to Europe to help refugees.

I want to apologize because this post is so random, it’s so political, just basically me fangirling over civil rights leaders and then worrying about Trump becoming the next president.

I hope that if you get anything, is that people are people. Human beings. Our war is not against each other and if we truly want to make a difference we need to love each other.

Anyways I have another book review coming up soon. So anticipate that! Have a great weekend all you wonderful people ❤




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