{#TBT} Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordian

Sorry guys I have been a little inconsistent on my Weekly Hauls. This is because I have been busy making up homework and tests the week I was out of school. Well here is this week’s #TBT πŸ˜€ ENJOY!



Rick Riordan reintroduces the world of mythology, but in today’s time, where legends and heroes are in the making. Enter inΒ Percy Jackson, a good kid, though a bit distracted and a terrible student. One day his whole life turns upside down and suddenly monsters are appearing left and right because of his mysterious parentage. Percy’s mother sends him to a camp where he will be safe, and it’s there where Percy finds family and camaraderie; others like him. But that isn’t the end of Percy’s story. Oh no, he is a boy with a destiny to change the wars between the Gods. Follow Percy through this action, and witty filled pentalogy of an odyssey and you will never look at Greek mythology the same ever again.

I am not as obsessed with this series now as much as other people, but still I was a die hard fan back in the day. Percy Jackson ties into so much of my childhood this is the perfect TBT post. In my middle school and elementary school libraries, these books were NEVER on the shelf because everybody LOVED Percy Jackson.Β AndΒ I still love this series (no one can get to old for Percy Jackson, seriously)Β for all of it. All of it meaning all those OTPs (PERCABETH) and gross constant fanboy/girling and conversing among fellow nerds as to what would happen next and dying for the next book to come out after just reading the newest book the day after it came out.

Call me a hater, but I still have some problems with this series. (well mostly with the movies) Sometimes the whole do or die doomsday thing gets kinda old (sorry!) and often times as a more mature reader, I find myself seeing more action than a plot line. (sorry sorry!) I also hated the movies they made for the Percy Jackson Series. Seriously, they messed up big time. This series deserved a huge effort just like the Harry Potter movies. Annabeth was just useless for half the 1st movie and she had blue eyes for goodness sake. Please. Annabeth has gray eyes. Not blue. And then there were a whole plethora of other issues with the 2nd movie. Sigh. Too many to list.

If you are having trouble inspiring someone to read or just looking for a fun exciting series, this is the default series to go to. This seriesΒ appeal so much to younger readers with all the action and danger and especially, the fight scenes.Β I hope that you guys enjoyed this series as much as I did, and if you haven’t read this series, it needs to get on to the top of your TBR list kids. DON’T FORGET~ Rick Riordan has other series related to Percy Jackson too, The Kane Chronicles, The Heroes of Olympus, and just out Magnus Chase. They are just as great and sometimes even better, so if you haven’t read those yet either, they are really good too. Have a great rest of the week and read a lot! ❀



3 thoughts on “{#TBT} Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordian

  1. I always wanted to start Percy Jackson but never got around to it. And everywhere I hear people talking about it as their ‘favorite series when they were young’ and I feel like it might not have an impact on me as it would have if I read it much earlier in my childhood. Well, I might give the first one a try someday and see where that leads me.

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    1. Don’t be afraid of the hype around the series πŸ™‚ and Percy Jackson is a fun read at any age in life. I sincerely hope you enjoy the series if you get around to reading it ❀️


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