{#TBT} Redwall Series by Brian Jacques

Hey guys new post series here! So every Thursday now, I am going to reintroduce a series I have read before. Enjoy!




In this series, Brian Jacques breathes into life a fantasy about woodland creatures in a place of harmony and peace, Redwall Abby. However, over and over again a champion is needed to rise from the quiet ranks of gentle creatures, to join with other heroes to protect the Abby from evil vermin who wish to take advantage of the fortuitous Abby. His series is an epic saga of good versus evil, a war between the comical hungry rabbits, strong badgers, wise mice, funny talking moles and the evil conniving rats, weasels, and other dark creatures. His storytelling is a beautiful art for all, enjoyable at any age.


No words can describe my feels for this series. I read these books in my middle school and elementary school years and I still get the feels when I see them on my shelf. :’) Everyone one has had “that series they began with” the ones where we really get started into book series and fangirling. ❤ This is mine! BTW Brian Jacques passed away in 2011, God bless his soul. May his work be ever celebrated for its uniqueness at bringing creatures to life in a way that nobody else can.

P.S. There is no order to the 2o+ books in this series, some people have tried to chronologically date the storyline, but the first official, official book is Redwall. I highly recommend you read that 1st if you are interested at all in reading this series.


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