Weekly Haul #2


I only have two new books right now on my shelf because I have books from last week that I haven’t finished yet >.< hehe I need to stop being so greedy. I’m teaching myself patience with books. (it’s nearly impossible)

I picked this book off the shelf at school because Julie Berry wrote my favorite Young Adult Novel All the Truth That’s in MeThe Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place is about a group of girls at a boarding school who find themselves in a predicament when their headmistress and her brother are inconveniently poisoned at dinner time. These spunky hilarious girls have to find a way to hide their deaths and get to the bottom of who killed them in this wacky adventure. This book sounds like my cup of tea any day ❤

I stole this book from some family friends. 😛 (sometimes when I am over at their house they offer some book suggestions.) Randoms is about a boy named Zeke who is a science fiction geek in the space adventure of his dreams when he is randomly selected to join an alien confederacy. Everything he knew from games to books comes to life in this awesome science fiction adventure. Honestly what’s cooler than that? This is David Liss’s debut novel and I am hoping he writes more novels like these.



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