Weekly Haul #1

Hey guys! Starting a new post series here. So I read A LOT and now each Monday I am going to post what the new haul I’m bringing home for this week! Excited? I sure am!

img_2923.jpg                   looky at the green thingy here that took 4 hours too long to make >.< ^^

This week I have six books to read, these are all fantasy novels that I have checked out from my school library.

This novel is the second book of The 5th Wave Series. I am anticipating this sequel because the first book left me with a lot of unhappy cliffhangers 😭 Hopefully (not promising) I can write a review on the 1st book, The 5th Wave which was a really great book. I’m really excited about the new movie but please, READ THE BOOK BEFORE THE MOVIE.

This novel is the first in The Bartimaeus Trilogy. This book is the ultimate stalker. I have seen it on the shelf at my middle school library for 2 years and my high school library for almost just as long, and never picked it up. Begone those days! For I shall read this novel and narrate my odyssey within its pages on this website.

Honestly, I picked up this book because the cover looks badass and the title sounds cool. Gotta give creds to the cover artist sometimes 😛


Look at that scary knife and awesome flowy white robe… badass. It’s got the same feels as the covers on the Ranger’s Apprentice books amirite?

This is the 2nd book of the Lorien Legacies, the 1st being, I am Number FourI already started reading this one and I have high expectations that this will be better than the 1st book because the main character is a crazy heroine who is pretty kickass. By the way, a movie already came out for I am Number Four so go check it out that after you read the series 🙂

I checked this out in advance to read over the weekend after I am done with The Power of Six. Set your weekend plans kids. #prioritize

*drooolss. I still cannot get over Rick Riordan’s books. His books may not provide for you the meat some prefer in a YA, but his novels are action packed and full of life. I love all his books to death and his novels will always hold the highest place in my heart. ❤ I cannot burn through his books fast enough. I am probably going to finish this first.

I just finished Half Bad over the weekend and you should totally read the review I just did right here: ma critique du livre. If I do say so myself the book ain’t even half bad. I am hoping for more action in the sequel, mainly fight scenes between Nathan and Hunters?


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