{Book Review} Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell



10/10 BRUH!

Okay, Okay, I cheated. This is from a school book report, so it’s not really a review. Hey! I felt guilty in the middle of finals week for not posting anything, so this report is gonna have to do!

Mini Update: Once finals are over, shall post another review on the weekend!

I love Rainbow Rowell’s books. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Eleanor and Park is one of the many books she has recently published and is her most well known.

So why do I triple love her books? Rowell has a talent for expressing characters so that when you read her novels, the characters feel like they come alive and leap off the page into your life. Some beginning writers get stuck describing a scene too much, but giving your characters life and dialogue are sometimes just as good, or even better than sensory imagery in certain moments. And of course, it’s essential in the romance novels she writes. (which are better than John Green’s)

As awesome as Eleanor and Park is, it is not my favorite of her books. Rowell wrote another book called Fangirl which is absolutely my favorite YA book so please do check that out too! I might write a review on that book just yet. 😉


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