{Book Review} Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins




From the author Rachel Hawkins who wrote the New Best-Selling Series I have never heard of, Hex Hall, comes a tale about a southern belle, Harper Price, whose life turns upside down after she’s kissed by her dying janitor. Weirded out yet? That’s not all, the desperate kiss transfers to her awesome kung-fu like powers which she uses to kill her history teacher who comes charging in with a sword right after she was kissed.

Wow. Thumbs up to Rachel Hawkins for writing one of the best beginning hookers to a book that is not only exciting but extremely weird- in an almost funny way.

Anyways, Harper Price is your everyday normal girl. Well, normal in every possible way except that she is literally the most popular person in school, involved in everything, has the perfect boyfriend, and did I mention that she is also president of the student body?Totally normal. Her life is busy enough and it just gets a heck of a lot crazier before she is crowned homecoming queen and she is kissed by a super creepy janitor, kills her history teacher, and her nemesis is nice to her. She figures out that she is a paladin and is unfortunately tasked with protecting her nemesis David Stark, the stuck up rich kid who writes for the newspaper at school. (Stark… stuck up and rich… sound like anybody???) All along with her bodyguard duties, she is forced to juggle school activities, friends, boyfriends, and cotillion practices. And while she is protecting David and trying to get to the bottom of this mad magicky stuff, she discovers David has a predestined rendezvous with fate… cotillion night. He might turn into super awesome oracle and kill everybody on earth, or a lot better, he might just become a super awesome oracle.

Now to why I docked off 3 points on the ratings… This novel is awesome so I am sorry to say it doesn’t really do well in the funny department as much as it does in the extremely weird and borderline creepy department. (Potion drugged mind controlling punch and brownies? Definitely putting a new look to spiked brownies am I right?) Another thing that still cannot wrap my head around is the horrible chemistry between character A and character B who are supposedly sorta falling in love (can’t say who that would be telling) which creates a reallyyyy awkward love triangle with another character who really has a more plausible romance with character A. Why is character A so bad at maintaining relationships anyway? I’m also having issues with Harper’s character development, she is sometimes very indecisive and when forced to manage her events or relationships, she lacks the function to prioritize. She reminds me of a whiny kid hogging all the toys but doesn’t have enough hands to keep them all.

I apologize for bashing so much on Hawkin’s novel, I definitely give her points for exploring the world of magic and putting the really cool spin on her novel. This fast pace novel is perfect for girls of all ages who want a book with a pinch of magic and a kick-ass heroine who can do some deadly moves in her cotillion dress and heels. Honestly, I think nothing can honestly be really harder than that. (running and kicking in heels >.<)


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