New Year Update!

Ok ok so I lied. I did finish all those books buttttt I didn’t write a review for all of them. For me trying to imitate the maturity of an experienced writer in past reviews was VERY hard. I lost the enjoyment of writing reviews and found them tedious and taxing. So this leads me to my new year’s resolution! Future posts will be more “chill” and informal. Honestly I’m not trying to get any of my reviews published I just really want to help people fall in love with the books I have enjoyed. In the upcoming reviews I sincerely hope that my new style of writing will make my reviews more enjoyable just as I hope they become more enjoyable to write. HAPPY NEW YEARS GUYS! ❤ And I am so grateful for all the support I have received from friends. If you love this blog, spread the news! I really hope that I can get more followers this new year and inspire more people to read!

P.S. I don’t consider myself a fast reader but rather a voracious one and so I really did finish all 7 of the books I checked out over break :0 A book a day is a healthy dose of imagination. In fact I just checked out another 6 books XD. I PROMISE to write reviews on some of these.


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