I am Number Four



“They caught Number One in Malaysia.
Number Two in England.
And Number Three in Kenya.
They killed them all.

I am Number Four.

I am next.”


Well, we all look back on our first impressions and laugh a little.


Four is one of the remaining 9 aliens that was sent from the dying planet Lorien to Earth, in hopes that one day the children would develop powers to save and repopulate their planet. Even though these 9 nine aliens look and talk just like us, they don’t have normal lives. Four has to move around the country constantly to avoid being discovered by the murderous aliens who destroyed his home planet. Everything changes when Four doesn’t want to move, he has a reason to stay, a reason to live.

This book had a great new feel at the beginning but it was lost quickly as this novel was not well written. It’s extremely cliche. In the beginning, when they introduce Four’s story, it’s awesome because his story reminds me of superman’s background story. However, once you get past introductions, the meat of the story is surprisingly thin and insubstantial. There is a lot of high school drama and selfish whining on Four’s part, but I still hope that you guys read the book so I can’t say any more than that at the risk of spoilers.

Though this 1st novel just killed me, I have better hopes for the rest of the series. An excerpt from the back of this first book introduces the second, The Power of Six. The main character is a named girl, Seven. Immediately I could tell she had better character development, she was independent and less whiney than Four. Seven has to figure out everything about her powers and her history on herself when her guardian goes a bit crazy.

This novel isn’t a bad book but isn’t great either. I would encourage you to read this 1st novel, but if you want a novel with more flavor and creativity, this novel ain’t the place to look. There are better Sci-Fi novels than this out there on bookshelves. So happy reading guys 🙂


Weekly Haul #1

Hey guys! Starting a new post series here. So I read A LOT and now each Monday I am going to post what the new haul I’m bringing home for this week! Excited? I sure am!

img_2923.jpg                   looky at the green thingy here that took 4 hours too long to make >.< ^^

This week I have six books to read, these are all fantasy novels that I have checked out from my school library.

This novel is the second book of The 5th Wave Series. I am anticipating this sequel because the first book left me with a lot of unhappy cliffhangers 😭 Hopefully (not promising) I can write a review on the 1st book, The 5th Wave which was a really great book. I’m really excited about the new movie but please, READ THE BOOK BEFORE THE MOVIE.

This novel is the first in The Bartimaeus Trilogy. This book is the ultimate stalker. I have seen it on the shelf at my middle school library for 2 years and my high school library for almost just as long, and never picked it up. Begone those days! For I shall read this novel and narrate my odyssey within its pages on this website.

Honestly, I picked up this book because the cover looks badass and the title sounds cool. Gotta give creds to the cover artist sometimes 😛


Look at that scary knife and awesome flowy white robe… badass. It’s got the same feels as the covers on the Ranger’s Apprentice books amirite?

This is the 2nd book of the Lorien Legacies, the 1st being, I am Number FourI already started reading this one and I have high expectations that this will be better than the 1st book because the main character is a crazy heroine who is pretty kickass. By the way, a movie already came out for I am Number Four so go check it out that after you read the series 🙂

I checked this out in advance to read over the weekend after I am done with The Power of Six. Set your weekend plans kids. #prioritize

*drooolss. I still cannot get over Rick Riordan’s books. His books may not provide for you the meat some prefer in a YA, but his novels are action packed and full of life. I love all his books to death and his novels will always hold the highest place in my heart. ❤ I cannot burn through his books fast enough. I am probably going to finish this first.

I just finished Half Bad over the weekend and you should totally read the review I just did right here: ma critique du livre. If I do say so myself the book ain’t even half bad. I am hoping for more action in the sequel, mainly fight scenes between Nathan and Hunters?

{Book Review} Half Bad by Sally Green



In Nathan’s world, there is only Black or White witches, magic for good and for evil. Nathan is an enemy of everyone as the son of Marcus, the most powerful black witch in England. Nathan struggles to survive to his 17th birthday when he hopes his father shall pass unto him 3 gifts which will make him into a true witch. While Nathan is chased all over modern day England by a group of psychotic white witches named Hunters who are trying to kill him, he begins to question who really is Black or White. It is the choices he makes that defines him rather than the magic he is given.

Sally Green’s novel is haunting, a level beyond the world of Harry Potter, she creates a novel where the supposedly “white” are corrupt and just as vile as the black. I mean seriously vile and corrupt. As a child and through his teenage years, the council of white witches are hell bent on restricting Nathan and following him by sending professional stalkers named Hunters. This all in the name of “protecting” the society of white witches. There’s a different type of social Darwinism in this novel, the proudest families are pureblood white witch families, families who intermarry with fains or humans are regarded as shameful. Hunters are professionals specifically with the sole purpose of killing all black witches. Really quite cheery. (So the book could be summarized as: A boy runs from a council of crazy social Darwinists who don’t want him to become the fittest when he receives his super powers.) Anyways, in the novel, readers find that many black and white witches have redeeming qualities compared to their ill-behaved peers. You might consider them the gray between the seemingly stark Black and White in Nathan’s world.

I love Nathan’s character. Quite simply put he has an “indomitable will to survive” that shows his strength of character. As a child, he is bullied, harassed, and violently abused at home and at school because of his parentage. Growing up doesn’t get any easier when he is forced from his home and family to be taken care of by a white witch. Or actually better put, is held in captivity by a white witch. While held captive it doesn’t stop him from trying to escape which makes Nathan almost lose some dear appendages to his body. Hand versus freedom, what to choose is the question sometimes.

Sally Green makes this novel feel more physiological than really adventurous. The 1st half of the book is unexciting as it focuses more on Nathan’s developmental years at home and also in captivity. Now the second half gets a little more exciting and violent as Nathan gets into close encounters with Hunters. Whether you agree or not if Half Bad is exciting or boring, readers cannot deny Sally Green’s brilliant writing that breathes this magical world into life. And it’s, even more, amazing because this is her first novel and Half Bad is COMPLETELY badass. XD

{Book Review} Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell



10/10 BRUH!

Okay, Okay, I cheated. This is from a school book report, so it’s not really a review. Hey! I felt guilty in the middle of finals week for not posting anything, so this report is gonna have to do!

Mini Update: Once finals are over, shall post another review on the weekend!

I love Rainbow Rowell’s books. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Eleanor and Park is one of the many books she has recently published and is her most well known.

So why do I triple love her books? Rowell has a talent for expressing characters so that when you read her novels, the characters feel like they come alive and leap off the page into your life. Some beginning writers get stuck describing a scene too much, but giving your characters life and dialogue are sometimes just as good, or even better than sensory imagery in certain moments. And of course, it’s essential in the romance novels she writes. (which are better than John Green’s)

As awesome as Eleanor and Park is, it is not my favorite of her books. Rowell wrote another book called Fangirl which is absolutely my favorite YA book so please do check that out too! I might write a review on that book just yet. 😉

{Book Review} Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins




From the author Rachel Hawkins who wrote the New Best-Selling Series I have never heard of, Hex Hall, comes a tale about a southern belle, Harper Price, whose life turns upside down after she’s kissed by her dying janitor. Weirded out yet? That’s not all, the desperate kiss transfers to her awesome kung-fu like powers which she uses to kill her history teacher who comes charging in with a sword right after she was kissed.

Wow. Thumbs up to Rachel Hawkins for writing one of the best beginning hookers to a book that is not only exciting but extremely weird- in an almost funny way.

Anyways, Harper Price is your everyday normal girl. Well, normal in every possible way except that she is literally the most popular person in school, involved in everything, has the perfect boyfriend, and did I mention that she is also president of the student body?Totally normal. Her life is busy enough and it just gets a heck of a lot crazier before she is crowned homecoming queen and she is kissed by a super creepy janitor, kills her history teacher, and her nemesis is nice to her. She figures out that she is a paladin and is unfortunately tasked with protecting her nemesis David Stark, the stuck up rich kid who writes for the newspaper at school. (Stark… stuck up and rich… sound like anybody???) All along with her bodyguard duties, she is forced to juggle school activities, friends, boyfriends, and cotillion practices. And while she is protecting David and trying to get to the bottom of this mad magicky stuff, she discovers David has a predestined rendezvous with fate… cotillion night. He might turn into super awesome oracle and kill everybody on earth, or a lot better, he might just become a super awesome oracle.

Now to why I docked off 3 points on the ratings… This novel is awesome so I am sorry to say it doesn’t really do well in the funny department as much as it does in the extremely weird and borderline creepy department. (Potion drugged mind controlling punch and brownies? Definitely putting a new look to spiked brownies am I right?) Another thing that still cannot wrap my head around is the horrible chemistry between character A and character B who are supposedly sorta falling in love (can’t say who that would be telling) which creates a reallyyyy awkward love triangle with another character who really has a more plausible romance with character A. Why is character A so bad at maintaining relationships anyway? I’m also having issues with Harper’s character development, she is sometimes very indecisive and when forced to manage her events or relationships, she lacks the function to prioritize. She reminds me of a whiny kid hogging all the toys but doesn’t have enough hands to keep them all.

I apologize for bashing so much on Hawkin’s novel, I definitely give her points for exploring the world of magic and putting the really cool spin on her novel. This fast pace novel is perfect for girls of all ages who want a book with a pinch of magic and a kick-ass heroine who can do some deadly moves in her cotillion dress and heels. Honestly, I think nothing can honestly be really harder than that. (running and kicking in heels >.<)

New Year Update!

Ok ok so I lied. I did finish all those books buttttt I didn’t write a review for all of them. For me trying to imitate the maturity of an experienced writer in past reviews was VERY hard. I lost the enjoyment of writing reviews and found them tedious and taxing. So this leads me to my new year’s resolution! Future posts will be more “chill” and informal. Honestly I’m not trying to get any of my reviews published I just really want to help people fall in love with the books I have enjoyed. In the upcoming reviews I sincerely hope that my new style of writing will make my reviews more enjoyable just as I hope they become more enjoyable to write. HAPPY NEW YEARS GUYS! ❤ And I am so grateful for all the support I have received from friends. If you love this blog, spread the news! I really hope that I can get more followers this new year and inspire more people to read!

P.S. I don’t consider myself a fast reader but rather a voracious one and so I really did finish all 7 of the books I checked out over break :0 A book a day is a healthy dose of imagination. In fact I just checked out another 6 books XD. I PROMISE to write reviews on some of these.